Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Richest Rappers 2012 – Forbes Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists

Forbes Magazine released the Top-5 Richest Rappers Of 2012 with Diddy on top the list for the second year, Jay-Z dropped down to second after coming first in 2010. Many of these rappers rose from rags to riches by tirelessly working simultaneously as producers, writers,musicians and businessmen. However, their hard work has quite literally paid off and has made them millions, according to Forbes. Below is the FORBES 2012 Top Five Wealthiest Rappers :

richest rappers - puff daddy - p.diddy - famoust rappers -
1. Sean “Diddy” Combs
Net Worth: $550 million – As of April 2012

rich rappers - Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter - rap wallpaper
2. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter
Net Worth:$460 million – As of April 2012

rappers wallpapers - rich rappers dre
3. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young
Net Worth: $260 million – As of April 2012

rich hip hop rappers - tattoos rappers
4. Bryan “Birdman” Williams
Net Worth: $125 million – As of April 2012

50 cent rich rappers
5. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
Net Worth:$110 million – As of April 2012
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