Saturday, July 28, 2012

Suzuki Kizashi arrives, but details on it do not

suzuki concept - suzuki autos - kizashi - سوزوكي كيزاشي - كيزاشي
 Suzuki unveiled a stunner today at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show called the Kizashi, but unfortunately the automaker had no information to offer about the car in the form of a press release.
Sans that important artifact, we can at least comment on the Kizashi's styling, which we liken to a Japanese interpretation of the Dodge Magnum. Kind of a slung back wagon, the Kizashi features a plunging grille flanked by headlights that follow it all the way down to the ground. Out back are a nice set of rear haunches in the form of muscular fenders topped by a C-pillar that leans back at an angle.
kizashi concept - high performance cars - suzuki
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